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An online gateway to the Model "A" Ford hobby and antique car trunks.
A long time ago, Tillie was a active tourer based in Gardnerville, Nevada.  The picture to the left is from the previous owner.  In the winter of 1996/97 the area recieved 22.13 inches of precipitation and Tillie was one of the many victims of the resulting flood.  The biggest drawback of owning a Fordor is 
1928 Model "A" Ford Fordor "Leatherback" Sedan, 60-A
aka "Two Window" or "Blind Back" Sedan, November 1928
Briggs Mfg. Co. body number 190-75018, *A66XXXX*.
that, unlike most other Model A body styles, the body structure is primarily of hardwood construction.  Sheetmetal is formed and attached around the hardwood structure.  Ford subcontracted Fordor body construction to two traditional coach makers, Briggs and Murray Mfg Co.  Luckly for us, most of the original hardword can be patterned, the challenge is figuring out how those pieces go together in a way that preserves its original structural integrity and the line through the hood, cowl, front and back doors to the real panel.   Right now, we are almost ready to test drive the frame.  After that, this is going to get complicated.