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An online gateway to the Model "A" Ford hobby and antique car trunks.
We made custom trunks from 2014 to 2022.  In total there were 57 TBG trunks made, mostly to ride on Fords, a few Rolls Royces and even a Chevy.  Each was hand made or restored in Bill's Woodshop in California.  Most were 34" in width, there are a few out there that are only 30" wide.  The 34s fit well on Model Ts and As, while the 30s are for 1932 and later Fords.  They retailed from between $700 to $1200.  My Dad had a lot of fun making these trunks, and he loved talking to his customers. Thank you!
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Trunk, Straight Back
New for Coupe, Roadster, Cabriolet and Victoria.  Available in either 30 or 34 inch width. 
Trunk, Curved Back
New for Tudor, Fordor, Towncar, and Phaeton.  Available in either 30 or 34 inch width.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.  These are perfect for later year Model T and all Model A cars!
                                Thanks for choosing one of our trunks for these rare Fords!
An old trunk restored to its former glory, even after water damage.

 BEFORE                                                        AFTER
We are no longer making trunks.  Thank you to everyone that ordered a custom made trunk, we hope your family enjoys it and your cars for generations to come.