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An online gateway to the Model "A" Ford hobby and antique car trunks.
1929 Model "AA" Ford Flatbed Truck,
 extended frame by FABCO.
Capay is mid 1929 production "AA" modified for farm use with an extended frame and 183" wheelbase.  The modification was done by FABCO of Oakland CA.  The bed length is 13'.   The bed rebuild was completed in 2014.

A mystery gas tank sealer has turned into a black tar and fouled the springs, valves, fuel lines and carburetor.  The tank is in need of cleaning and reseal.

The wood bed rebuild in in full swing, will probably be ready for the July 4th parade. Custom made bracket for the front pockes 

This is what it looked like after the welds were completed and bracket was test fitted to the front most cross member. 

The side pockets are made from square angle iron and welded to a face plate that will bolt to the rear most cross member.   

This stake pocket is will eventually hold up the left rear gate.  The two side edge floor boards are 2 inches thick and will incorporate cutouts for similar stake pockets to hold the side gates.  Each pocket will be welded to a metal band that will encircle the entire bed for added structural strength.

The pieces are starting to come together.  Here they are laid out for a dimension check and to validate the lay out.  Notches for the side gate stake pockets can be seen on the two edge side boards.  The front cab guard will have additional metal stakes in the final layout. 

What started out as a pile of lumber in the garage is taking shape.  Attached to the rear side of each cross member is long piece of angle iron that will allow the floor boards to be attached without the used of long carriage bolts.  We should have no issue carrying or storing a Model A on Capay when this is done.  Looks like we'll be looking to acquire another "A" to prove this concept.  More to follow!