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AA's made by GAZ in Soviet service during WWII.
Ford licensed the manufacture of the Model AA in the Soviet Union in 1932.  The Russians like them so much they made more than 985,000 from 1932 to 1950. I good friend of mine sent me these spectacular photos of some of those trucks serving in the eastern front during the Second World War.  Thanks Greg!
Soviet Ilyushin IL-2 ground attack aircraft being prepped for start by a GAZ AA.   Photographer unknown.
Left Side
GAZ-AA with a mobile workshop or shelter bed in Bucharest, Romania on 30 August, 1944.
Photographer unknown.

Right Side
GAZ-AA with quad mounted 7.62 Maxim machine guns as a triple A platform, Model 1931 M-4.
Photographer unknown.
GAZ-AA, 1st Ukrainian Front, crossing the Odor River.   You can't tell me this guy's name is not Ivan!
Photographer unknown.
GAZ-AAs destroyed and abandoned during Soviet retreat, Karelia.
Photographer unknown.
GAZ-AAs destroyed or abandoned after Soviet retreat from Odessa.
Photographer unknown.
Proof that the Germans had lost control of the air war.  Soviet GAZ-AA with white air recognition stripe.  The single headlight indicates this is a war production AA, late war trucks also had square front fenders.
Photographer unknown.
A GAZ-AA improvised armored vehicle burns as German infantry take a smoke break. By Izkorsk for the Leningrad Militia, 1941.
Destroyed GAZ-AAs on the bank of the Don River as German motorized infantry and artillery cross over an improvised bridge, 1941.
Photographer unknown.
 Food to besieged Leningrad, GAZ AA & Li-2.  AAs were not the only thing the Russians cloned.  The aircraft in this picture is a Soviet Li-2, a copy of the Douglas DC-3/C-47.  Photographer unknown.
GAZ AA crew risks melting ice over Lake Lagoda, March, 1942. Driving with the door open for easy escape if/when the truck breaks trough the ice. Photographer unknown.
GAZ AA, Road of Life, Lake Lagoda, Leningrad, December, 1941. 
 Notice open doors, many of these truck are probably still at the bottom of the lake. Photographer unknown.
 Road of Life, 
Lake Lagoda, Leningrad, September, 1943. Photographer unknown.
Destroyed GAZ AA ambulance.
Soviet 163rd ID, Finland, 1940. Photographer unknown.

GAZ AA,with administrative or workshop body, destroyed Novorossiysk,1942. Photographer unknown.
GAZ-AA, dumped from Odessa dock, examined by Romanian Axis troops. Photographer unknown.
GAZ AA, enclosed body, & destroyed T-34 tank, Belgrade Liberation.  Liberation in this case being relative to what was there before. Photographer unknown.